Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, PhD

About The Talent Economy

The Talent Economy is about living life boundlessly and on your own terms. This book will inspire you to begin the journey of discovering your natural talents and empower you to create your own path. Using The Talent Economy, you will learn to appreciate your unique value and develop the confidence to follow your calling regardless of your age or circumstance in life. You will learn about adaptability, creativity, and resilience from people of all ages, backgrounds, industries, cultures and life experiences ranging from entrepreneurs and CEOs who lead hundreds of people, to artists, academicians, filmmakers, opera singers and comedians. You will hear from ‘A-list’ actors and athletes, humanitarians and MacArthur ‘Genius’ grant winners, stay-at-home dads, computer Geeks, Catholic monks, therapists and more. Their stories and insights will help you see your own brilliance, develop your natural talents and find the courage to ‘do what makes you come alive’. Most of all, you will learn to celebrate your journey to becoming your ‘best’ self. Self-starters already on their own path will also find this book to be an invaluable resource for achieving success on our own terms.

Education is a remedy for enhancing our capacity as individuals to live an informed and fulfilling life and contribute to society and culture: A more educated society is also a fairer and healthier society. By education, I don’t mean time spent in a classroom but the outcomes of education – knowledge, opportunity, skills, equity, and, most of all, the ability to define and develop our natural talents and the awareness and confidence to expand the social, cultural, commercial values and assets that derive from those unique talents.

Are traditional educational systems preparing us to create the future and adapt to the challenges of a world that has yet to be conceived of, let alone invented?

Right now, many of our schools and universities are not designed to celebrate our natural gifts and unique talents: they have been designed to prepare us for jobs and careers that already exist and teach us skills in areas that have already been accounted for. Many successful people say that they became successful despite the global system they were educated in or the corporate workplaces where they are employed. Increasingly, successful people are attributing their success to ‘unlearning’ behaviours that promote following the ‘status quo’. More and more people are sharing stories about turning within to recover their natural talents; and the joy, fulfilment and the healthy equity that comes from finding their own true north, following their calling and living authentically.

Success has many meanings, forms and faces. There is no single formula for success; and there is no set template for developing talent. Through the inspiring stories of people who have achieved success by living life on their own terms The Talent Economy will integrate evidence from the sciences and humanities with snapshots from authentic stories of the many pathways to success and fulfilment that are relevant for our time. The book also details the resources needed to master the art and science of finding our natural talents and creating their own path.

Talent Incubator

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