Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, PhD – Polymath, Rhodes Scholar and Talent Decoder.

Dr. Desirée Cox (MD, PhD) is a true polymath. She is a Rhodes Scholar, a medical doctor and creative artist who has charted a unique career path by integrating her creative and intellectual talents with her passion for inspiring others to realize their full potential.

Desirée was the first Bahamian to become a Rhodes Scholar, and the first woman British Caribbean Rhodes Scholar. She has earned degrees from some of the finest universities in the world, including McGill University where she received a BSc (Hons.) specializing in Quantum Chemistry, University of Oxford where she trained as a medical doctor and University of Cambridge where she received her Masters and PhD in History. With over 25 years experience in healthcare and education, she has served in various roles ranging from medical doctor, healthcare consultant and social entrepreneur to University professor, delegate to the United Nations, guest lecturer at Oxford University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Rutgers and La Sorbonne Universities, and more.

As a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry, she has been recognized as a “Renaissance Woman” by the British Medical Journal, has won numerous fellowships, grants and awards, and has been published in various academic journals. As an entrepreneur, She is also a published writer and poet, and a singer/song writer who has released 2 jazz CDs.

Desirée combines her gift for tuning into where people are at and what makes them tick with her infectious charm and talent for communicating complex ideas through conversation, stories, prose, and visual images. As a creative, she has hosted radio talks shows (most notably Healing Through Creativity, which had 5,000+ downloads per episode at the show’s height) and was praised for helping people to find their strengths, discover their natural talents and express their truths. She has been recognized as an international contemporary master artist in juried art publications for her paintings. She is also singer/songwriter who has released 2 jazz CDs and a published writer and poet.

Desirée currently consults to companies in the US and UK and to The Bahamas Government. She is at the forefront of developing the stem cell industry in The Bahamas and consults on a range of innovative national initiatives relating to equity in health, Personalized Health and Personalized Education including the country’s National Development Plan. Desirée is an Honorary Professor of Creativity and Health at the University of Exeter (UK) and Founder/CEO of Eden Healthcare Consulting, and sits on Advisory Boards and the Board of Directors of a number of Start-ups and NPOs. In 2013, a special edition commemorative stamp was issued (by The Bahamas Government) in her honor. She joined other extraordinary Caribbean-British citizens including A-List actors, musicians, artists and renowned educators being acknowledged for their contribution to the UK at a special reception hosted by HM Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at Buckingham Palace in July 2013.