Art and Music

Joseph Campbell once said that ‘reality is comprised of those myths we haven’t quite seen through.’ I want my paintings to be portals to mythical realms.

‘Healing Through Creativity’ is a phrase I use to capture my soul’s purpose. For me, living purposefully means communicating my truth through words, symbols, sound and colour. The ‘colour chords’ (combinations of colours) I use, draw from a public art form known as ‘Junkanoo’ created in The Bahamas, the country of my birth. My exhibitions connect visual and performing arts with fiction to create sacred spaces where people can travel through the doorways of the imagination to worlds beyond everyday reality.



As a singer/songwriter, Desiree has produced 2 CDs. The first CD, Forbidden Love, produced in Miami, Florida in collaboration with her co-producer Jorge Guzman and was released in 2005. Her second CD, Awakenings released in 2007 was recorded in Brooklyn, New York and featured performances from world-class Brooklyn-based jazz musicians. Awakenings was co-produced by Andre Strobert (Brooklyn) and mixed and mastered at Sterling Sound in Manhattan. in 2007. A third CD is planned for late 2016/2017 to coincide with the launch of her book, The Talent Economy.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Awakenings album is dedicated to Andrei Strobert the original sound engineer whose life-long commitment to independent musicians made this project possible.


  • Desiree Cox (vocals)
  • Charles Carrington( keyboard and Piano)
  • Rachiim Asur Sa-Hu (Bass)
  • Mark Johnson (Percussion)
  • William ‘Spaceman’ Patterson (Guitar)
  • Brendan Parnell (Guitar) (EASY)
  • Ricardo Strobert (Sax and Flute)


  • Desiree Cox (producer)
  • Andrei Strobert (Sound Engineer)
  • Mathew Rafino (Mixing Engineer)
  • Steve Fallone, Sterling-Sound (Mastering Engineer)
  1. EASY (4:34) Words and music by Paul Johnson.
  2. IN THE MOMENT (5:51) Words and music by Desiree Cox.
  3. HOMELAND (5:23) Words and music by Desiree Cox
  4. LOVE THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU (3:40) Words and music by Desiree Cox and Derek Knowles
  5. FORBIDDEN LOVE (5:05) Words and Music by Desiree Cox
  1. NATURE BOY (3:57) Words and music by Eden Ahbez
  2. FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE (5:09) Words and music by Ewan McColl
  3. ILLUSIONS OF LOVE (4:30) Words and music by Desiree Cox
  4. OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (3:31) Words and music by George Gershwin
  5. MEDITATION (4:32) Words and music by Desiree Cox