“Mercifully, Natural Talent is a special gift we all
Already possess and yet must claim
That ever-deepening, intangible
Source that keeps on giving rise
To shores of worlds we can be free in
When nightscapes obscure the spaces
Between heritage and horizon
Stay alert. Be bold. Throw yourself away
Again and again ‘Till you crash
Into a question beautiful enough
To live in, a ‘why’ worthy of your love.”

Dr. Desirée Cox, Natural Talent ©


Dr Desirée Cox (MD, PhD) is a true polymath. She is a Rhodes Scholar, a medical doctor and creative artist who has charted her own career path by integrating her creative and intellectual talents with her passion for inspiring others to realize their full potential.


Books & Courses

The Talent Economy is about living life boundlessly and on your own terms. This book will inspire you to begin the journey of discovering your natural talents and empower you to create your own path. Using The Talent Economy, you will learn to appreciate your unique value and develop the confidence to follow your calling regardless of your age or circumstance in life.


Events & Podcasts

Music, story-telling, drama, dancing, art? Can these pursuits really lead to you having the career, relationships and lifestyle you want to create?Dr. Desirée Cox’ talks about how she came to discover that what we now call ‘creative arts’ are actually ‘healing arts’, and how the arts can help you re-wire your brain, tap into your innate, creative intelligence and allow your gifts to make room for you.